The Biggest Threat to Medicare for All

(Well-financed Lies)

Canadian Healthcare – Debunking the Myths
A short, but important, video

A debate about Medicare for All. This debate includes the arguments used against a Medicare for All system. Judge for yourself!
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Our presentation on August 31, 2019 about Medicare for All (including how much it would cost)

Our presentation on July 27, 2019 about Medicare for All

Visit our presentation about how we pay for healthcare in the US.

Former Medicare Administrator on Why We Need Medicare for All

Dr. Don Berwick ran Medicare under President Obama. At today's Ways and Means Committee hearing, he gave compelling testimony on why Medicare's benefits should be improved & expanded to cover everyone.

Posted by Social Security Works on Wednesday, June 12, 2019
Former Medicare Administrator Don Berwick testifying to House Ways and Means committee about Medicare For All

A short TED Talk on medical prices being anything but transparent.