A single-payer health-care system would save more than 68,000 lives and $450 billion a year, new research shows


The problem with a public option: it won’t reduce administrative costs.

Some candidates are calling for a public option or Medicare buy-in. It won’t solve our problems and it won’t reduce costs.


Healthcare Administrative Costs

A comparison between the administrative costs of the US healthcare system and the Canadian healthcare system. Yes, we are paying a lot more!


Health care debate shows the lies I told for insurance companies about ‘Medicare for All’ worked

A very interesting article from Wendell Potter. Well worth reading.


Presentation – Medicare for All: Myths and Misconceptions

Join us for a free, non-partisan presentation and dialogue about National Improved Medicare for All on Wednesday, October 30, 6-8 PM at the Durango Public Library. Inform yourself about one of our most important current issues by learning about our existing healthcare payment system and the misinformation that is being spread for political purposes. Medicare for All: Myths and Misconceptions will be presented by Guinn Unger of Healthcare Durango with ample time for audience questions and answers. For more information call Guinn Unger at 970-880-0465 or email healthcaredurango@gmail.com.

The Fetishization of Employer-Provided Health Care

This is a cogent article with lots of good points and links to information.


How Your Beloved Hospital Helps To Drive Up Health Care Costs