Medical Payments

Universal Healthcare

At Healthcare Durango we are advocates for universal healthcare. Universal healthcare is not any particular system for delivering healthcare. Any system that covers everyone is a universal healthcare system. The goal is to make sure that everyone gets the healthcare that they need without being forced into financial difficulty or bankruptcy. (By the way, every developed country in the world provides universal healthcare except the United States!)

The current healthcare system in the United States is definitely not universal healthcare! We have tens of millions of people who have no health insurance at all. And we have millions more who are underinsured, meaning that they can’t afford the co-pays and deductibles that are included with their insurance.

A big part of the problem with trying to change the healthcare payment system in the US is the complexity that is involved. The whole system is incredibly complicated and difficult to understand. Our mission at Healthcare Durango is to present information about our current system and how we can move to a universal healthcare system. When people understand what is really going on, then they can step up and demand that our representatives in government start working for ordinary people and not just big business interest.

Medicare For All

At Healthcare Durango, we feel that the best way to implement universal healthcare is a National Improved Medicare for All (NIMA) system.  NIMA is classified as a “single-payer” system, which simply means that one entity, the federal government, pays for all healthcare.  This certainly does not mean that the federal government has control of all medicare care.  Under the NIMA system, doctors and other providers decide what treatment you need and should get.  The government just pays for that care.

Much of the information you will find on this website will be information about NIMA and why we think it makes the most sense.  We would like to hear your feedback and your stories about healthcare in your life.